Forensic Impressions

Day 1 (3/27): Students will be able to distinguish between various types of impression evidence and differentiate between class and individual characteristics

Day 2 and 3 (3/29 and 4/3):  Students will be able to collect and preserve footwear impressions left on soil by plaster casting

Day 4 (4/5): Students will be able to discuss how criminals obliterate fingerprints, illustrate the history of fingerprinting, and list the three major fingerprint patterns

Day 5 and Day 6 (4/9, 4/11):  Students will be able to illustrate the history of fingerprinting and explain factors affecting fingerprints and obtain quality fingerprint impressions of another person

Day 7 (4/13):  Students will be able to explain the Integrated Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS)

  • Research the IAFIS operated by the FBI and write a minimum two-page paper explaining the system.  Make should to cite sources. The Writing Rubric will be used to grade the paper.

Day 8 (4/17): Students will be able to obtain quality set of prints from another person and list the basic principles underlying the use of fingerprints in criminal investigations

Day 9 (4/19): Students will be able to select appropriate techniques for the development of latent prints on various surfaces

  • Finish Developing Latent Fingerprints Notes
  • Developing of Latent Fingerprints Lab

Day 10 (4/23) : Students will be able to identify characteristics of human blood and determine genetics of the human red blood cell system

  • Fingerprinting TEST next class period - 2/18 ​

Day 11 (4/25): Students will be able to show understanding of Forensics Fingerprinting history, how to take fingerprints, and latent development of prints

  • Fingerprinting TEST