Controlled Substance and Toxicology

Day 1 (2/28): Students will be able to compare and contrast physiological and psychological dependency and name and define narcotics

Day 2 (3/2):  Students will be able to name and define hallucinogens and depressants and explain the difference between thin-layer chromatography and gas chromatography

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  • TEST in 2 class periods (A - 3/8, B - 3/9)

Day 3 (3/6): Students will be able to describe the laboratory tests normally used to preform a routine drug identification analysis

Day 4 (A - 3/8 and B - 3/9):  Students will be able to demonstrate proficiency of knowledge of controlled substances

  • Controlled Substance Test​


Day 5 ():  Students will be able to find serious flaws in some of the best-known tools of forensic science and wide inconsistencies in how forensic evidence is presented in the courtroom

Day 6 (3/19):  Students will be able to discuss the role of forensic toxicology and observe and understand the levels of tolerance and impairment due to alcohol consumption

Day 7 (3/21):  Students will be able to describe the process of collecting and preserving toxicological evidence

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  • Toxicology Test next class (4/8)

Day 8 (3/23): Students will be able to show understanding in forensics toxicology 

  • Test   A - 3/23, B - 3/26