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LaunchPad for Krugman's AP for Economics


Unit 1 Extras:

Krugman's AP for Economics (pdf version of text)

The Everything Economics Book - by David Mayer.  This is a great primer for the class and should be on your "summer reading list" if you're going to be taking my AP Economics class.  It's short, concise and has a great glossary.

Naked Economics - Charles Wheelan (2010)

Production Possibilities Curve W/S

Counting Crows Big Yellow Taxi - YouTube

NPR: Should we Tax Olympic Medals?

Trade Game: Ohlin's Theory

Freakonomics W/S

GDP - Counted or Not?

Labor Force & Unemployment

Inflation & CPI worksheet

Loanable Funds W/S

Comparative Advantage - YouTube Karate Video

Comparative Advantage Cartoon - David Ricardo

0.8 MB

Naked Economics Assignment #1

Naked Economics Assignment #2

Naked Economics Assignment #3

Naked Economics Assignment #4

Unit 1 Review Questions M/C

Supply & Demand - Bagging a Birkin (Planet Money podcast 17:10)

Supply & Demand - Why Coke Cost a Nickel for 70 years (Planet Money podcast 4:35)

Investopedia - Capital Flows video (1:35)

Inside Job documentary movie

Jingle all the Way movie (YouTube link)

McDonald's Documentary - 44:45 (Youtube link) 

Unit 2 Extras:

Masters of Money - John Maynard Keynes

Balance of Payments video - Mr Mayer

AS/AD Model Lesson - Mr Mayer

Keynesian Theory in 5 mins

Unit 3 Extras:

Khan Academy Video - Phillips Curve

Khan Academy - Monetary and Fiscal Policies

Khan Academy - Tax Lever of Fiscal Policy

Boring Economics Teacher - Ferris Bueller's Day Off​

Tutor2U - Economics review questions from UK

Monetary Policy Chart


Current Event Project Topics


Pick any 6 of these topics.  One is due at the end of each 3-week grading period (progress report and report card).  Each topic paper must be a minimum of 2-3 pages in length and must be typed.   You must cite at least 3 sources within your work.  Hand-written pages will not be accepted.  You must submit your essay through the website www.turnitin.com. 

 Late papers will not be accepted.

Price of Crude Oil
Strength of US Dollar and Imports
Henry Ford and the assembly line
Public funding of sports stadiums
Tax reform
Affordable Care Act
Independent Contractors vs W-2 Employees
Ethanol and BioFuel
Net Neutrality
Pension Plans