Forensics 3rd Six Weeks

Day 1 (11/03): Students will be able to name the categories of substances found in glass and the raw materials for making glass and they will be able to name types of glass and be able to list and explain methods for comparing glass fragments

Day 2 (11/08): Students will be able to define and understand the properties of density and refractive index and calculate the density of different fragments of glass


Day 3 (11/12): Students will be able to describe the types of glass fractures and describe how to collect glass evidence

  • Finish Glass Analysis Notes  Test Next Class Per (A-day: 11/14; B-day: 11/15)
  • Review for Glass Analysis Test

Day 4 (A - 11/14; B - 11/15): Students will be able to describe glass analysis as it pertains to Forensics

  • Unit 5 Glass Analysis Test

Day 5 (11/16): Students will be able to recognize and understand the cuticle, cortex, and medulla areas of hair

Read and take notes over textbook pages 455 - 467 (ending at "Forensic Examination of Fibers")
Include the summary of "Jeffery MacDonald: Fatal Vision" and Case Files on pg 455

Day 6 (11/27): Students will use the microscope to describe the differences between animal and human hair and be able to identify the differences in medullas

Day 7 (11/29): Students will be able to name characteristics used in hair comparisons and explain three main differences between human and animal hair

Day 8 (12/03):  Students will be able to describe the somatic origin of the different types of human hair

Day 9 (12/05):  Students will be able to understand and evaluate hair structures as is pertains to forensics

  • Hair Analysis Test

Day 10 and Day 11 (12/07 and 12/11): Students will be able to distinguish between natural and synthetic fibers

Day 12 (12/13): 

Day 13 (12/14 and 12/17): Review Semester Final 

Semester Review - download to study for final 

Semester Exam B Day - 12/18 and A Day 12/19

 Exam Schedule:
1st/5th Period: 7:35 - 8:30am
2nd/6th Period: 8:36 - 9:31am
3rd/7th Period: 9:37 - 10:32am
4th/8th Period: 10:40 - 11:35am